Beef Enchiladas

So I made this for Chris tonight, he hasn’t eaten it yet so the verdict is still out.  This was easier than making the vegan enchiladas.  I found a few recipes online, I looked around and improvised with a recipe of my own

1 lb ground beef

some taco seasoning

1/4 cup of black beans

2 cups of enchilada sauce

burrito wraps

2 cups of cheese

1. Cook ground beef, add some taco seasoning and beans

2. Meanwhile I sprayed the casserole try with spam and covered it with enchilada sauce

3. I added ground beef mixture and cheese and wrapped up 4 burritos.  I only used about half of the ground beef mixture too.

4. I added the enchiladas seam down in the casserole dish, covered with enchilada, sauce and cheese.  I will cook until the cheese is melty and bubbly so for about 20-25 minutes.




Creamed Spinach

So since the hurricane food supplies have been weird,  and a lot has not been stocked.  I went to Walmart, Target and Shoprite- no broccoli.  Hopefully I find some next week. I have a recipe I hope to make next week.

So in order to make something new this week, I improvised with what I had in the pantry.  So I made creamed spinach for the first time and it was so yummy.

spinach- I wish I could say how much, I get my spinach in the vegetable market and they prepackage it.

1 clove of garlic

2 tablespoons of butter

heavy whipping cream




1. saute spinach and garlic with butter, under the spinach shrinks down quite a bit.    Add in salt and pepper to taste

2. I guestimated the amount of cream to use, I wish I could say. I continued to cook the spinach until most of the cream evaporated.


It was so simple and so easy.  I loved it, but I’ve always loved creamed spinach. Hopefully I report back next week with something a bit more interesting.