Much Needed Update


It has been awhile since I have made an update here and done some new recipes.  A few things have happened since my last entry.  #1 I was in rehearsal for a show that required me to be at the theater 5-6 days a week.  It was fun but that is now over #2 On vacation in the Bahamas #3 A recent medical issue was discovered and now I am on a low carb diet.  The condition is nothing serious and hopefully the condition is really only temporary.  So it was been very very difficult to combine no meat, no dairy and low carbs.  I’ve found a few recipes that fit but it has been hard and somewhat challenging.  Also I’m on a medication that makes me nausea and not even hungry.  I hope very soon I over come this all and can enjoy some carbs again.  I do cheat occasionally, but I also have been eating more dairy too.

I will keep you posted on everything.


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